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Fax Broadcasting

Fax Broadcasting

Fax Broadcasting is a cost effective mass communication tool, which is often used to send bulk, hard copy communications to existing customers or to attract new audiences.

FaxBroadcastingAs a marketing and promotional method, Fax Broadcasting is highly effective in distributing a single source of information to hundreds or thousands of individuals or companies.

FaxMate®'s Fax Broadcasting provides a reliable, fast and cost effective solution when distributing advertising and promotional material, pricelists, applications, notices, reminders, remittances, newsletters or reports to multiple parties.

Fax Broadcasting often overcomes the problems associated with sending bulk emails, including spam filters, lost emails, and changed recipient addresses.

It's as simple as sending us the document you wish to broadcast and a list of recipients.

For more information on how FaxMate® Fax Broadcasting works, please visit Fax Broadcasting.

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